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Search by exact value


Recently I have faced with one search case: I was looking for all test cases which contain text “Step 5”.
But unfortunately I got message “The specified term(s) are too short: minimum length is 2.”.
As far as I understand search engine considers parts of request as separated entities.
What can I do to search by this kind of text? Are there any search rules, e.g. put text in quotation marks?



Hello Katsiaryna,

Thanks for your post! It wouldn’t be possible to search within the separate steps field just yet, as the field structure works differently than other fields. That said, we’ve already received a feature request to add support for this, and I’ve added your vote to the feature request as well. We’re happy to review this for a future update.




I am seeing the same issue initially reported, but I am not trying to search through the steps fields.

If you search for

this a

you will see the error. If you search for

this is

, you will see it goes through. If you wrap the string in quotes, it’ll work and not require 2 or more characters. If this is different than the original topic, I can create a new thread.



Hi Ryan,

Searching for the term ‘this is’ or ‘this that’ does currently display results. Perhaps there’s a detail I’m missing here. What error message would you get? Are you using TestRail Cloud or Server?

If this topic relates to sharing any private information feel free to send your questions or concerns to



Hi Vu,

I messed up my example and updated the original comment. Sorry about that.

To clarify in case you need it still, this is TestRail Server.

If I do a multi-string search, if any string contains less than two characters, it’ll result in an error and must be quoted to send to the backend.

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