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Search by Custom Fields


I wanted to know if there’s a way to search cases by specific value of a field?
for example, if i want to find all the test cases with case-type “Automated” or all the cases with priority 5.
I look forward to your reply.


Hi Mark,

Thanks for your posting. It’s not currently possible to search for test cases by a specific attribute, as the search currently just searches for text in all text/string fields (including custom fields though). It’s something we would like to support eventually though and it’s already on our feature request list.

It would be possible to query this directly in the database in case you need to run a few specific reports though.



Hey Dennis.,
Thanks for your answer.
Assuming i’ll be using the workaround you have suggested and use text/strings instead of data in drop menu, another question raises: what, in your opinion, would be the easiest way to add my search result into a test run?
For example, I’ve searched for all the test cases that contains the string “Basic”. now, i would like to test them (i.e. add them to a specific test run)



Hello Mark,

It’s not currently possible to use a search result as a test case selection for a new test run. However, it’s planned to add a test case selection filter to TestRail in one of the next updates, so you could select cases for a run based on the Type or Priority attributes. It’s not yet clear if we will support text/string fields for the test case selection, so using a dropdown field will work better for this.



In one of the comments here I see that only fields of type string are searched? Is that why when I do a search it’s not returning any of the results I expect – because I’m searching for terms in the test steps (type ‘steps’)?


Thanks for your posting. Yes, Steps custom fields are currently not part of the search. That said, we do have plans to change/improve this behavior and that’s already on our todo/feature request list. We currently design TestRail 3.0 and beyond and the search & filtering is an important part of this effort.



Hi Tobias,

We’re still on 2.7.1 (and probably won’t have time to move to 3.0 until March 2014), but just looking through the feature list for TestRail 3.0 it looks like searching custom fields wasn’t included. Is this correct?

Certainly, if it’s not already on the feature request list, I’d very much like to see an expanded Search feature, possibly with an “Advanced” option that allows greater refinement of a search.

Neil (Breathing life into old topics since 2013) :smiley:


Hello Neil,

Thanks for your posting. Yes, a better search didn’t make it into TestRail 3.0 (which focused on reporting instead) but this is still planned for a future version. Thanks for your feedback on this and I’ve just added another vote to this feature request.



Cheers, Tobias. Thank you as always.



My organization would also like to be able to search the Step fields.

(We use steps_separated)



Hello Travis,

Thanks for your feedback. Searching the separated steps is currently not supported unfortunately but it’s still planned to look into this (and I’ve just added another vote to this feature request, thanks).



Just wanted to know if this feature is now supported?

I’m looking for a way to search where I can filter and view all test cases with a specific type (e.g. Type=Automated or by Priority (e.g. Priority=High), etc…

Is there any way to do this today?

Any ideas on how we can get a quick view of how many test cases are marked as Automated? Or search values of a multi-select field? For example, I created a tag field (multi-select) and it has values such as “SmokeTest”, “Positive”, etc. it’s be great to search for test cases with a specific tag.



Hello Tarik,

Thanks for your posting! Filtering and searching based on case attributes was added with TestRail 4.0 and this looks as follows:

This is supported on both the test suite (case repository) level as well as for test runs.

I hope this helps!