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Search by Custom Fields for specific test cases



Is it possible to search for specific test cases by the value of certain field? For example if the test cases have a custom field called ‘label’ that groups the test cases based on the value in the field. Can I search for only the test cases that has same value in ‘label’ field?



Not yet from with in Test Rail though for TR version 5 they have revamped some of their reporting. I know they have it on their list to look to add into TR.


Hello Roop,

You can use the filters on the test suite / case repository page to search for cases and this also works with custom fields. This looks as follows:

Would this work for you?



Thank you so much for the reply guys.

Hey Tobias,

Yes, this works for me. Thanks.

But I was looking for something like searching from the project overview page irrespective of the test suites. Is that possible too?



Hi Roop,

Thanks for your reply, great to hear that this works for you! The case filtering is only available on the test suite / case repository level and we usually recommend using just a few test suites per project. It can even make sense to use a single test suite per project (single-suite mode):

(see Suite Modes and Baselines)

I hope this helps!