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Seach with Keyword or Tags in filter


Hello TestRail Team,

I have an application for which there are different
components like ComponentA, ComponentB, ComponentC, …
Markets like Mkt1, Mkt2, Mkt3, …

ComponentB and ComponentC works with MKt2 and Mkt3(Not on MKt1)
ComponentA works with MKt1 and Mkt3(Not on MKt2)

So, I want to create Tagging or Keyword for Test cases like (Mkt2+ComponentB, Mkt2+ComponentC, Mkt1+ComponentA…)

I want to create testRun, And I want such Option in filter, so that I can filter By Tag or Keywords (seperated by comma)

So, any such process available in TestRail?

I have already checked the Forum and Also tried in Customization section, but it did not resolve my issue.
Can you please provide me more information on this ???



+1. I would also like an easy way to categorize and characterize individual tests by the areas of code or functionality that they “cover”, to make code coverage analysis and test suite/run generation easier.

I am new to TestRail, and am a Software Developer who is starting to take a more active role in the management and understanding of our team’s tests. I have been reading up on TestRail and have been surprised to find no built-in way to do this (other than test name string searches, but that’s not adequate for me as the test name can’t always be as descriptive as I need of the code it’s testing.).

Is the suggested way to provide this functionality to define a custom string field that is composed of space- or comma-delimited keywords? (per these instructions)? Once I do that, how will I perform filtered searches on these?

Or, have I missed some existing built-in way of characterizing test cases with multiple keywords or tags that can be easily filtered in searches and reports?

@falguncontractor87, I’m curious if you’ve made any progress on this since January, despite not getting any responses.

Thank you,