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Scroll Folder list on right side when trying to drag and drop test cases from one location to another


Is there a way to allow for automatic scrolling when dragging and dropping a case into another folder. It doesn’t automatically scroll now when in folders pane.


Hi there!

TestRail would scroll the page when you drag a test case to e.g. the bottom of the page and I just verified this. Or do you mean the section list on the right when the list is longer than the page? Or is the above mentioned scroll feature not working as expected?



I mean the list to the right of the page when the list is longer than the page.


Hi Jami,

Thanks for the update. That’s currently not possible but I agree that this would be great to have as well. You would currently need to scroll to the target section first before doing the drag & drop for your test cases if you have a very long list of sections. I’m happy to add this to our feature request list, thanks again!



Thanks for adding it to your feature request. If you have a timeline once reviewed please let us know so we can look for it.


You are welcome, Jami! We currently don’t have a timeline but we will make sure to review this for a future version. Thanks again!