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Script for automatic results in Testrun


Hi Community

I have a Quick question. In the project i’m working we manually tested the whole Service the last years but now we are trying to automated as much as we can. At this point a standard Testrun has about 200 Test Cases splittet in 50/50 regarding manual & automated Cases. This Run is then multiplied by 5-10 for Devices and Operating Systems.

I know that our automation framework can communicate with Testrail for result etc. But such a integration is far away for the daily business because i’m doing a one man Job.

I’m searching for a possibility to look at my Testruns, set the Result for all cases which aren’t passed and report the defects. Then it would be awesome to click just a button and all cases still on untested switch to passed. It’s such a Pain 800+ times clicking “Status => passed => OK” for all passed Cases.

Now i want to know if this is something i can achieve with UI Scripts and when yes where should i beginn? Would be great if someone can give me a hint in the right direction.