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Screenshots No Longer Displaying in Actual Result


In all previous tests runs the Actual Result no longer displays any screenshots. Text still displays. If you go in to edit, the text to show the screenshot is still present.


New screenshots added (to new or old test runs) do show up correctly.

Was there some change to how screenshots are rendered or something? This is very problematic for our team. If anyone knows how to solve this, I would greatly appreaciate it!


Here’s the other screenshot, I couldn’t post it in my original post because I am a new user.


Generally caused by 1 of 3 things - the screenshots were moved OR the user no longer has the rights to the folder where the Attachment is stored Or user does not have rights to the project.

From your screenshot - have you verified that, in the path, the 31909 file exists?


Original Reply:
"Thank you for the quick reply!

I have not verified that, how would I do that?"

Edit: I tested the path, and got this:

I’ll check on our end, but I can’t think of any reason everyone on our team would have lost permission to access screenshots that we put up ourselves.


The path for the attachments/screen shots can be found in Administration --> Site Settings --> Attachment Directory…

This path should be on the machine the TR client is installed I believe.


This is what our Admin told me.


Knew they hosted the DB part but did not think they hosted the Attachments at all.

I would contact Gurock by email with the issue then.


Okay will do.

Thanks for your help!


We’re seeing this on the Cloud hosted version as well - since Monday. I’ve logged a support ticket for the same. Previously loaded attachments are no longer accessible - either in the web GUI, or as a direct URL access.


Hi all,

Thanks for your post! To investigate this further, can you please send an email to us at so we can have a look into any issues and determine the cause? This would be the best way to help troubleshoot.

Thanks and we look forward to your emails!