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Screen and text Capture


Hi there!

I’m evaluating TestRail for my company and I had a few questions:

[/list] Is there a screen capture function?
[/list] Is there a function to grab text off the screen?


Hello Raquel,

Thanks for your posting. You can attach screenshots/images to test results or test cases or embed screenshots/images as part of the text or steps field. Automatically capturing screenshots is currently not a feature by TestRail but you can use the operating system tools to take screenshots and then upload/attach those screenshots to TestRail.

I hope this helps!



Hi Tobias, I have been looking for the same feature. I am evaluating TestRail as a potential tool for our organization. Could you please let me know whether you are planning to integrate this feature in future releases? When there are lot of test to run this makes testing efficient and effective.




Thanks for your posting. Yes, the next version of TestRail (available in February) will make it much easier to capture and attach screenshots. The upcoming version will add support for drag & drop for screenshots/attachments as well as copy & paste from clipboard (some browsers). Copy & paste allows you to take a quick screenshot via the standard Windows/Mac shortcuts (PrtScr or Ctrl+Cmd+Shift+4 etc.) and then paste it directly into a text box or the redesigned Add Images dialog:

This can also be combined with an additional screen/text capture tool such as the excellent Evernote Skitch (available for free):

I hope this helps!



Wonderful. Thanks Tobias!


You are welcome!

We also look forward to the new release and the time frame for the new version is within the next two weeks (if everything goes as planned).



Now that Evernote Skitch has been discontinued, can you recommend an equivalent free alternative?

We’re looking to fully evaluate TestRail and as we’re looking to replace HP Quality Center it’s important for us to somehow replicate the camera snapshot function as closely as possible.

As TestRail doesn’t have such a native function, we’re hoping an external screenshot tool can automatically fire screenshots into test results without having to save and upload, but is this actually possible with any of the Skitch alternatives as hinted above?


Hi there!

Evernote Skitch is still a good choice for Mac/OS X, as they only depreciated this for Windows. For Windows you can use basically any screenshot tool with TestRail. Some good options would include:

I hope this helps!


Thanks for the response.

I must admit we’re more interested in whether we can cut out the saving of files aspect and mirroring the Quality Center snapshot tool more closely to save screenshots directly to the test run as we go.

Although it doesn’t seem like much, saving multiple screenshots per test run and then uploading does present a significant overhead for us which we’re keen to avoid if possible.

From your response above, it seems this isn’t possible, even with a third party tool. Can you confirm?

As our users will be accessing through a Citrix/Windows Server environment it would have to be an application in support and compatible with Windows. As Skitch has been dropped this puts it out of the picture for us unfortunately, but JING looks interesting if we can get it to do what we require.

Thanks again.


Not sure if I understand properly your concerns, but I never “save” any screenshot to file before inserting them into TestRail. Once I took the screenshot using my tool (I use Skitch) I copy/paste (CTRL-C and CTRL-V) from Skitch to TestRail without using a temporary file. This approach is very fast.

I have just replicated this using Windows Snipping Tool: CTRL-C/CTRL-V worked properly.


On running some further checks, it appears the issue lies in browser compatibility which makes sense, although it is a little frustrating.

In Edge or Chrome this seems to work brilliantly and as mentioned above (thanks for clarifying lemayp). Unfortunately, by default our browsers are set to various versions of IE (no choice sadly…) and it appears that with these you cannot paste directly using this.

Is there any way around this using IE, or is the only way to use a different browser?


Does not seem to work with Firefox 45.0.1


The paste of screenshots (image) seem to be supported on Chrome and partially on Edge.

Please refer to the blog announcement of version 5.2 for extra details on this recent addition to TestRail :

If you were authorized to recommend a new browser for this initiative I would definitively recommend Chrome.


In order to be ready once Skitch for Windows will no longer be available, I made the recommendation to my team to start using Greenshot on windows.

The application is more complete than Skitch.

By default when we take a screenshot we receive a selector to specify what to do with the image (Open in editor, send to email, send to word, send to…) which I find confusing. Inside of the preference we can specify to always send to the editor.

By default, it use the Windows “PrintScreen” button.

Work well with TestRail. Instead of CTRL-C to copy the image from Greenshot we need to use the “Copy to clipboard” option (CTRL-SHIFT-C) represented by clipboard in the interface.

The tool is free.


Thanks for all the feedback! Yes, the paste image functionality is limited to Chrome and Microsoft Edge, as other browsers don’t yet support the required APIs for this. Once other browsers provide better APIs, we would also like to support this. Please note that you can also drag&drop images to TestRail, and this is supported for all major browsers. So any screenshot tool that allows you to drag&drop images without saving them would work very well.