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Scheduling Reports for Multiple Runs/Day


Is there a way to choose at what time a scheduled report gets generates?

I have two runs per day triggered by automation scripts, one at 8 AM and another one at 4 PM. When i’m selecting when to schedule a report, it gives me the option to generate a report for runs “completed today.”

I want two reports generated per each run, but the report should only have the results from the latest run. So right now, after the 8 AM run, I have a scheduled report to generate for any runs “completed today” which gives me the results from the 8 AM run. Then, at 4 PM, if I generate another report to include runs “completed today” I would technically get the results from both runs.

Does this make sense? I don’t see a way to select a time range, like “completed today & within the last 2 hours.”

Please let me know if anyone has any solution for this – if I need to be more clear let me know. Thank you!



Hi Colin,

Thanks for the post! Currently, the timeframe of the ‘Completed On’ parameter in reports does not have granularity to the hour, but would only be based on days. We do see how this additional level of specificity would be helpful and I’ve added your vote to this feature request to help us prioritize this.

In the meantime, you may be able to add an additional property to help identify your A.M. run and P.M. run, such placing the runs under different milestones or plans, assigning them to different users, or having them created by different users. This would allow you to schedule 2 separate reports which would pull the unique test runs.

I hope this workaround will be helpful!