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Scheduling and forecasting estimates


Hi, Is it possible to update an estimate for a test case from the ‘Add Test Result’ pop-up based on the latest elapsed time?



Hello Matt,

Thanks for your posting. This is currently not supported but you can just add the result as usual and then use the Test Case link in the toolbar at the top of the page to jump to the test case and change the estimate there (you can usually use the middle-mouse button to open a new browser tab so that you don’t navigate away from the test page).

Please note that TestRail’s progress/forecasting report already takes your entered ‘elapsed’ values into account when calculating the forecasts, so it is not necessarily needed to update the estimates for every test case.

That said, we will think about ways to make it easier to update the estimate in this situation and I’ve added it our feature request list.

Just let me know in case you have any further questions.



Alright, thanks!


Hi Dennis,
I posted an identical question a while back and was curious whether this feature is on a
"Front Burner" or a “Back burner”.

The question is, for all the timings that one does for all test cases in a Test Suite, do you presently have, or are planning to have (hopefully), a summation or “Roll-Up” of all the timings of a Test Suite, and hence a total time to execute a Test Plan?

For all your users this would answer the question from one’s Manager;
" Hey Joe, how much time do you need to go through the regression test suite Yada-Yada?"
This would help tremendously in Resource planning etc.


Roy Riegel, Infosol Dev./Support


Hi Roy,

Thanks for your posting. You can see the aggregated estimate and even forecast for a test suite in the sidebar (see the Estimate box):

We also want to add this to the test run / plan edit pages eventually so you can directly see the estimate as you select test cases. I don’t have a time frame for this at the moment but it’s likely that we will have this in one of the next feature updates.



Hi Dennis,

I wanted to upgrade to your latest rev. ,, before adding these further questions; we did the upgrade today.

I was hoping to get the “Estimates” to post from prior testing; but that does not seem to get displayed.

Some further clarificationquestions:

  1. Will the time estimate(s) get generated only for those tests that are/were run AFTER our upgrade which now supports (your screen shot) summing of Test Case times?

  2. Is there another Admin. thing that we have to do to see the Estimates(Total estimate:, Total forecast:), other than ensure that the Background task is running. (It is…)

Thank you again,

Roy Riegel Infosol QA/Support



Thanks for your feedback. The background task is the only thing you need to have running in order to generate the forecasts. Could you please let me know what you see in the sidebar of the test suite page? Is it the same as in the screenshot above? You can also send us a screenshot to contact (at) so we can take a look at this.



I’m also missing the “Estimate” section on the sidebar. I am running on an evaluation at



Hello Chris,

Thanks for your posting. The information of the Estimate section has been moved to the top of the sidebar in the recent TestRail version. Just hover your mouse cursor over the amount of cases:

Contains # sections and # cases.

This was changed to make more room for the more important tree in the sidebar.

I hope this helps,