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Scheduled report intervals - more robust options?


When scheduling a report, the options that are currently in there (every day/week/month) don’t really fit with our sprint cycle of 2 weeks.
I’d like to be able to schedule some reports to go off, not every week, but every second week.

Some other choices, like the Xth weekday of the month, or the second Thursday of every month, or the first Monday in a quarter, would all be great too.

The recurrence pattern section of the recurring appointment dialog in Outlook is more than a little bit of overkill, but you get the gist:


Hi James,

Thanks for your posting. An alternative might be to create two scheduled reports, one scheduled for the 1st and for the 15th in a month but I agree that having a bit more flexibility would be great to have. Thanks for the suggestion!



+1 to this. We would like to be able to send out a report only 5 days per week. If you typically only work Monday-Friday it’s slightly annoying that a report is still sent for Saturday and Sunday. Looking forward to any added robustness! =)


Hi Chad,

Thanks for your feedback! You could add 5 different scheduled reports in the meantime as a workaround (you can copy them and then just change the scheduling).



+1 I would like to be able to indicate on which days in the week a report should be send.
It is true that I can make e.g. 5 different scheduled reports, but this is making it difficult to have an overview of which reports will be send out when! We have different kind of (scheduled) reports we want to send out at different points in time :slight_smile:


The way is usually working out for me without any issue, don’t know what’s wrong at that end.

With Regards,
Xovo Larjem


But my friends on the other hand too trying the same way out but whenever he is performing the action getting error text at his end.

With Regards,
Xovo larjem