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Saving Shortcuts & Features

  1. It would be a nice feature to implement “Ctrl + S” to save edits (Milestones, Cases, Runs etc).

  2. For larger test cases, it might be nice to have an auto-save feature as you are filling out the preconditions, steps and expected results. Much like in gMail as you type an email, it auto saves a draft. This becomes handy when you have a 10+ step test case so you don’t lose what you’re working on accidentally.


Good suggestions, thanks. I’ve added them to the feature request list. Shortcuts are a feature we would like to see in a future version as well (not only for forms but also for other common actions like adding a case on the View Test Suite page etc.). Auto-save sounds interesting as well, thanks!



Since you are mentioning save features… It would be nice to have a save button in the beginning of the Edit test case page as well. Sometimes I just want to change the preconditions for instance, which is very high up on the page. Then it slows me down if I need to scroll down to the save button.

But I really like the other save suggestions mentioned here as well!

Best regards,


Added to the feature request list, thanks Michael. In standard controls, you can also just press and the form is automatically submitted by the browser (for example, when you just change the test case title). This is not supported for the large text fields, though.