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Saving incomplete test case


If I have to stop a test case part way through how do I save it so I can pick it up again later?


Is this when you are actually running thru the test (as part of a Test Plan or Test Run) or when creating the test case itself?


It is when executing a test case. If it has test steps that may depend on other parts of the app to be invoked I may need to halt the test and come back to complete later. So I’m just looking at what the most elegant way would be to deal with this situation. e.g. can I mark the case as part completed rather than passed / failed, and how is the best way exit and come back to a part completed test case. I’ve looked at the documentation and I cant see any mention of this type of scenario, but its extremely common in the testing we do. I wasn’t wanting to re-invent the wheel if this is something that I’ve missed.


It is very flexible and teams can do what works best for them. You could add in a custom result of “Paused” but I would probably use “Blocked” or In “Progress” and then more details can be added when the status is set. Then you can go back to it whenever you want. Be up to you if you want to change the status from Blocked to In Progress.

If you are using the Progress button then you can simply pause the test. My work does not use the Progress button so I would likely set the Status to In Progress.