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"Save test case and go to next" option wanted



yet another nice-to-have-request.

After adding a bunch of test cases via the inline adding functionality, I start to fill them out.

It would be great to have something similar to the test result “Pass & Next” button, because in the test case editing its “Save Testcase”, which brings you back to the overview, then its navigating to the next case and edit that and then with save back to the overview… this is a lot of repetition.



ok this is actually not so required as I can simply click on a test case, then edit it and save it, then I stay in the test case view and via this I can navigate to the next case.


Hello Andreas,

We can also usually recommend opening test cases in separate tabs to edit them. While TestRail already remembers the original position where you left off when you view or edit a case, editing a case in a separate tab (and then closing it) is still a bit quicker.



we might talk about different things, but if you take a look at the screencast here: - after I edited a test case, TestRail returns to the test suite and the first test case in the section is selected, not the one I selected and edited