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Same milestone in multiple projects



I have multiple projects that have the same milestone. Is there a way of grouping all projects in one milestone view? or at least generate 1 report that lists all the projects that have the same milestone so I can see the progress of all projects at the same time?



Thanks for your posting. Projects are separate from each other but you can simply create the same milestones in all projects (once per project). Reports are also generated on the project level (because each project can have different customizations, e.g. custom fields), but you can create and generate reports based on the same template (e.g. Summary > Milestone) for each project. You can also configure TestRail to create scheduled/recurring reports and you would only need to add these reports once (and TestRail would automatically generate reports for this, e.g. daily, weekly, etc.)



Hi tgurock,

Thanks for the reply, what if I want to have all the reports consolidated into 1 can we do that?

For example, I have 3 projects (prj1, prj2, prj3) all have that same milestone (“Release Suite Phase I”). I know I can create 3 separate milestone report which is per project. But what if I want only 1 report (in the viewpoint of a common milestone) that consists of all 3 project that has the same milestone name?

Milestone report for “Release Suite Phase 1”

prj1: 30% complete… 15 test passed, 4 failed, etc…
prj2: 15% complete… etc…
prj3: 25% complete…
Milestone group complettion: 23% complete…


Thanks for the additional details. You would need to create a separate report for each milestone and a combined report wouldn’t be supported at this point (a report is always linked to a single project). I’m happy to add this to our feature request list and thanks for the suggestion. You could think about managing your test suites/cases in a single project instead of using multiple projects and this has other advantages as well (e.g. you can create test plans for all test cases).



Has this feature been added?


Hello Ken,

Thanks for your posting. Shared milestones between projects are currently not available but you can simply create the same milestone multiple times (once per project).



Hi Tobias, Are there any updates on this ? This seems like a great feature as I am sure most folks would like to report across projects (E.g for their releases that typically span multiple projects).



Hi Rohit,

Thanks for your posting. We currently don’t have an update on this but have you looked into using a single, combined project instead of multiple projects? Happy to add another vote to this feature request, thanks for your feedback!



I would like to add my support to include this feature in future releases.

In our organization the project model is used to encompass an api and several clients (web/mobile/input/Public API etc). And milestones that require work/documentation across multiple groups(“projects”) to complete. We use epic’s within Jira to organize work to complete a “feature” across multiple product groups, and it would be great to be able to use milestones across multiple projects to track the testing progress of multiple product groups (or Projects).



Hi Sam,

Thanks for your feedback. I know I mentioned this before in this thread but have you looked into using a single, combined project instead? You can use test suites to create different case repositories within a project as additional way to organize test cases:

This makes it much easier to create test plans that target the entire project and also milestones or reports.



I would also like to add my support for this feature.

We want to keep our products under separate TestRail projects so it is easier to organize the test cases without multiple subfolders. Having the ability to use the same milestone would allow the test results from a multi-product release to be viewed in one location. Please consider implementing what your customers are asking for.


Thanks for your feedback, @cdesantis, that’s appreciated. Happy to add another vote!

Have a good weekend.



Hi -
are there any updates on this feature?
If not implemented yet, could you add another vote, please