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Same case in multiple runs


How can I add test result for all tests of certain case? I have a lot of runs and sometimes one case may be in the multiple runs. I use endpoint ’ add_result_for_case’ in my automation scripts so I need manually change run_id each time when i close any run or create a new run where this case is used. I really would like to have possibility to add test result for tests in ALL test runs for certain case. Is it possible? (i tried to use get_runs and get_test endpoints, parse their responses and add test result for each tests of this case in the loop in my automation script, but it does the execution time really more long, and it was bad idea)

Hi Raven,

Thanks for the post! There’s not currently a way via the UI or API to add results for the same test case across multiple runs. Leveraging the API to create a script as you described to make multiple calls for each instance of that test case across all currently included runs would be your best bet, but as you mentioned it can get a little cumbersome and may cause the script to take a long time while running.

One thing to also consider is how you’re structuring your test runs. If you require the ability to add multiple results across runs for a single test performed, it may be best to divide your test runs into different functional areas or test types to prevent duplication if it is not necessary. This could be structured by either creating multiple test runs for things like core functionality, then individual areas, or using a test plan with multiple runs inside, allowing you to set up one run for the core work, then include additional runs using configurations for where the testing would deviate and require different results to be recorded.

I hope that clarifies things. If you have any other questions feel free to reply back here or reach out tot he support team directly at