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Russian language doesn't work


Hi there, I’ve got around 400+ test-cases in excel and really in need to use QA software like TestRail but you see all my test-cases written in Russain language. When I try to put some description in Russian - I got “???” and “#12312” etc.

Also I am eager to see TestRail can sync with Jira and integrates with Selenium for automated web-testing.

Nevertheless you’ve built a great software! Good luck with further development!



Hello Alexander,

The reason you are seeing the ‘???’ characters etc. is that TestRail currently doesn’t support Unicode/Utf-8. Please see this post for more information:

Unfortunately, there’s currently no workaround for this other than writing the test cases in a supported language. As mentioned in the thread above, we can add support for Unicode in the (hopefully near) future.

TestRail integrates with Jira (it can link to Jira cases and provides options to add new cases to Jira when adding a test result). There’s currently no support for Selenium, or automated testing in general, but that’s already on our feature request list. I just added another vote, thanks!

Thank you!