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Runtime SI Version Information


Is there a way to get the version number of SI at runtime?


Hello Robert,

there is currently no way to do this. The TCP protocol class has the version number, but only as private constant. Maybe it would be more appropriate to add a Version property/function to the SmartInspect class for this. I added it to the feature request list, but I’m curious, why do you need the version number?


I usually include extra version info in my applications for the components I use - just a way of making sure my app has the latest component version…

Yes, it would be great to add this as a feature to the class!



Hello Robert,

just to let you know, we added the Version property/function to the SmartInspect/TSmartInspect class in the meantime and the change will be included in one of the next versions.


Thank you!!! :slight_smile: