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Running Tests over time


Probably a very common question, trying to see if I am doing the right thing.
I have created a test plan which has a run with multiple configuration. I need to run this same test plan on a daily basis and track results. What is the right way to do that?

  • I tried creating a test run with the same configurations inside the same test plan, but that does not seem to be the right think, the various test runs seem to be seen as yet another way to test the same thing in the same test plan.
  • I tried to create the same test plan again with the test run and configurations I need and submit new results, but in the overview the report is adding up all test cases that we run, so if I had 1000 tests in each plan, 2 runs for two various version of the code would show up with 2000 tests, this does not seem to be right.

Any suggestions? what am I missing?