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Running single ad-hoc "random " tests


Hi all,

Sometimes we want to run a single test due to “unrelated” bug fixes.

What’s the best way of doing it?



Hi Jonathan,

Thank you for your post. In this case, TestRail would require that you at minimum create a test run. You could simply create a single test run with this test included in it. Once this test run was completed, you could close it out, that way it does no crowd the list of active test runs/test plans.


Many thanks Marty.

Would be nice if it could be done in one-shot without the overhead of creating a test run for just one test case.


  1.   Open Test Case
  2.   Click [Run Test Now]
  3.   ** In the backend a single case test run is created automatically
  4.   After completion the test is closed and the test run is closed.

Just an idea


Hi Jonathan,

Thanks for your feedback! We’re always happy to review feature requests/suggestions such as this that would be helpful in streamlining test execution. We appreciate your feedback!