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Running automated tests in TestRail

Hi all,

I’m currently evaluating TestRail usage for my team and need some feedback on the questions where I don’t see sufficient official information. I tried contacting support but haven’t heard from them yet so maybe the community would be able to assist me in gathering info. I’ll really appreciate any user feedback or instructions on my questions!

Here’re my questions:

  1. Is it possible to create defects and publish them to integrated Jira automatically after an automation test suite execution?
  2. Is it possible to integrate qTest with the tests in my git repository?
  3. Is it possible to clear historical data (results of the previous test runs) without deleting the test runs itselves?
  4. Is it possible to use parameterization for the automated test cases?
  5. Is it possible to run automates tests in parallel threads?

4 and 5 all will depend on what software you use for automation. Test Rail is not automation software but a repository of test cases.

3 - No because you would create a new test run/plan which copies the test cases for the run/plan.

For 1 and 2 I do not know…

First of all, as BGanger mentioned - be aware that TestRail is not an automation (or any test) execution tool - it is a test management / test case repository tool !

this you would need to make inside your automation pipeline and then add the result via the API… though I am not sure whether you can add a result with a JIRA id (but I guess so)

I do not know qTest, but this has nothing to do with TestRail

why would you want that ? when creating a new test run, the tests will have no baggage… but you want to have historical data overall, to see what test cases have what results in which runs.

As BGange said - this is depending on your automation tool - not anything to do with TestRail