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Running Automated Tests from TestRail

While we would love to use Ranorex with TestRail, we don’t have that luxury yet. We are stuck using Microfocus Unified Functional Testing (UFT). Does anyone know of a way to kick off UFT tests from within TestRaiL?

Actually, on that same topic, if we ever get Ranorex, how would we kick off a Ranorex test from TestRail?

In the Customization forum I think some one got a button to kick off an automation test but that is not how Test Rail was designed to do.

Automation would run and then use the API to update the test result…

As @BGanger mentioned, the UI scripting may be of use here. I am unfamiliar with the use of either of these testing solutions, but if a normal javascript query could kick off your test then the UI scripting could too.

I am not an administrator for TestRail.