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Run PHP scripts to import test cases by CSV file



I want to import test cases which designed in CSV file to TestRail, and it’s need to run PHP scripts, but I don’t have any experience in using PHP, does anyone could tell me how to run it?
Below is my steps:

  1. Download and extract php-5.5.9-Win32-VC11-x86, click php.exe
  2. Run > php csv2testrail.php custom_filter.php testdata.csv suite.xml in windows, but nothing happened, am I wrong?


Hello Dolice,

Thanks for your posting. Do you run the PHP command in the cmd.exe command line prompt? Also, could you please let me know what is displayed after you ran the php command?

If PHP wasn’t successfully installed, you should see something like “command not found”. If the installation was successful on the other hand, you should see a message from the PHP script (e.g. “Successfully converted ## test cases”).



I run PHP command in php.exe, I did not see something like “command not found” or “command not found”. nothing happened after I run the scripts, is that indicate I did not install PHP successfully?


Hello Dolice,

Thanks for the update. Could you please send us a screenshot of how you execute the PHP command in the cmd.exe box? You can send this screenshot via email to your help desk at

Thanks again and please let me know in case you have any questions.