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Run a test case twice


Is there a way to add a test case twice or more in a test run?

I’m trying to solve a problem we have with setup time before we can test. I added a test suite that is really just tasks that need to be performed before we can begin testing. Some of these tasks have to be done multiple times.

The reason I setup this suite is to track the time is takes for these setup tasks. By adding this suite to our test plan and tracking each tasks time will can get a better estimate of how long our testing effort will take.

This might not be the intended use for TestRail but I think it could work.


Hello John,

Thanks for your posting. One option to implement this is to create the same case multiple times (in the test suite / case repository). You can conveniently copy test cases via drag & drop. Would this be an option for you? Adding the same case to a run multiple times is not possible but creating case copies would be a good solution I believe.



I think that will work.



That’s great to hear, John! Please let us know in case you have any further questions, we are happy to help.