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Role Permissions - Configuration


What is permission “configuration” in role permissions? What permissions does it give the user?
Is there a document that explains all the permissions available in the role?


Hello Cynthia,

The Add/Edit + Delete permissions for configurations allow users to add/edit & delete configurations on the test plan form. If you don’t have these permissions, you can still create test runs with configurations but you aren’t allowed to add/edit or delete configurations or configuration groups (on the Select Configurations dialog). I would recommend reviewing our training video on test plans & configurations to learn more:

Configurations are used to test against multiple environments/contexts or system configurations. For example, typical configuration groups would be ‘Operating Systems’ or ‘Browsers’ and typical configurations ‘Windows 10’, ‘Ubuntu 14’ or ‘Internet Explorer 10’, ‘Firefox’ and ‘Chrome’.

I hope this helps!