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Role between Lead and Admin



is there a possibility to have a role that e.g. can add/edit delete projects, but cannot configure the instance nor any user configuration ?

Currently this can only be done by granting admin rights, but this comes with all the other things. I thought creating my own role, but in the template there is no project management.

Is there a reason that one cannot have a role that allows project management, but does not grant access to server configuration or user control ?



Hello Andreas,

Adding/editing/managing projects requires administrator status (and access to the administration area) and this also includes access to other administrative options and settings. Having a separate permission or access option for managing projects is already on our feature request list and I’m happy to add another vote to this feature request!



This would be great as we have people that would need access to project management, but should not be able to access the server or user configuration


Can’t promise a timeline at this point because this is a complex feature and difficult to design right (as managing projects would ideally also involve requiring access to other administrative functions such as custom fields etc.). But it’s on our feature request list and it’s planned to look into this for a future version, thanks again for your feedback!




I want to know that what is the difference in Lead and Tester role from license point of view?
Are both the role paid or only ‘Lead’ role is paid.
Also tell if above both are free and only ‘Admin’ rights are paid.



There is no difference other than what they are set up to use/do. All users need a license to work in TR.