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Revision Control advice


We have 3 products that we deliver and maintain support for older releases for nearly 2 years. Each of the product’s roadmaps are pushed out for another 18 mos of new feature development as well as current bug fixes. In addition to that we do go back and provide patches and apart of our quality process is to retest the build before release. We have started using TestRail to host our cases but are currently wondering what is the recommended best practice for keeping test cases as written for each specific version. We would love to be able to tag a test case history as a revision to a final release and then we’d get the benefit of seeing how the functionality has evolved for a particular feature set as well.

Currently with reading the User Guide and our limited experience with the tool we figured the simplest action would be to create a new project each version, import the last project’s cases, that way the test cases were intact and the previous test results retained. That seems a bit burdensome to go back and assign users to each project and create the new reports and such every time, as well as the additional db storage but disks are relatively cheap I suppose.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


Hi Josh,

Thanks for your posting! For testing and maintaining multiple versions in parallel (and having different case sets for each version), we usually recommend using the baseline feature in TestRail:

(see “Suite Modes and Baselines”)

You can think of baselines as different “branches” of your case repository and the Master repository/baseline would usually point to the latest/current version of the product to test.

We wouldn’t recommend creating a new project in this case and the baseline feature make it very easy to use a single, combined project.

I hope this helps!




Thanks for the quick reply! So we have organized our tools up into the Multiple Test Suites structure due to our product enabling different functionality based upon the license module purchased. This has turned out to be very nice organizational feature and allows us to prioritize testing efforts per release based upon most purchased license areas…

With the multiple test suites structure is there a way to continue the baseline function? Can the baseline know to track each of the test suites?



Thanks for your reply and additional details, Josh. The baseline feature is only available with the single suite mode and not for multiple suites. You can, however, achieve something similar by creating copies of your test suites every time you need a new test suite branch (that’s also the way the baseline feature works). You can copy test cases between projects and/or suites with the Copy/Move Test Cases dialog when you view a test suite.

I hope this helps!