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Review process and custom fields when printing


I’m implementing Testrail in a large organisation, that does reviews of testcases with a lot of different people in different locations. As such I’m missing support for the review process in Testrail. I could insert custom fields for review status and comments, like I’ve done for other aspects of our process, but that brings up a different challenge…

I have to print testcases for my testers. Is there a way to keep the custom fields, but hide them from the execution versions? This is for both executing tests inside Testrail but most importantly when printing.

I would really like to see the possibility of comments on design phase testcases in the same way its done for execution, to support the whole design process.

There is of course also the possibility that I’m completely missing something important in Testrails design philosophy or there is a great alternative to my own ideas - please help.


A follow-up question, since I already have custom fields that I would like to hide from prints:
If I change my custom field to not apply to the testcases, then print, then reenable the fields, will their data still be kept? This would be my bandaid solution in case nothing else comes up.


Hi Patrick,

Thanks for your posting. It’s already planned to look into a full comment and maybe workflow system for test cases and I’m happy to add another vote. Deactivating a custom field temporarily would work fine for the printing and this would only deactivate the field but doesn’t touch or delete the actual data (you can always enable the field later again).



Then that is what i’ll do. Thank you :slight_smile:


You are welcome, Patrick, glad to hear this helps :slight_smile: