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Reverting assignments


is there possibility to revert assignments on cases?
It happened few times for us that someone reassigned to someone else more cases than intended accidentally (e.g. forgetting about filters and using other option than selecting cases and assigning selected). Seems it’s not possible to revert the assignment. The only way to have the cases assigned to proper people back is to select them separately (filtering where possible) first checking who was that originally assigned to. It’s definitely a problem for huge test runs which contain 700 or 1000 cases.
Could you please let me know if this is possible? Are you planning on making such feature in the future?


Hi Olapurpleqa,

Thank you for your post and feedback. TestRail would keep track of the history of each test case i.e., assignment changes. There unfortunately is no way to directly revert this change. You could possibly run the Activity Report for Cases and see which test cases had recently had changes made. You could also filter based on assignee and data modified.