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Reusing Test Steps



I have a “base” test that defines several steps. I have a reference to said test in a regular test; I put the reference in the expected results.

When I run my regular test, I’d like to see the test steps from the base test. Is this possible?

I already followed the steps from, but this does not include the steps from my base test.

Thank you,


Hello Carlos,

Thanks for your posting. This scenario wouldn’t be supported with base cases currently and the steps are only displayed on the Add Test Result dialog if they are included directly in the case.



Hi Tobias:
Sorry to reply to an old post, but the capability Carlos asks for needs to be added to TestRail to take the product to the next level of maturity. It would help reduce the maintenance effort on the test cases which are often manually executed for us. From my perspective, I would like to create a library of “Template Test Steps” that I could call from various tests. For example: I would like a “template” test step called “Machine Setup”.

If you really want to please this customer, add capability to have placeholders (variable?) that could be filled in at test execution from a configuration field that I define for that test (e.g., assume a “variable” field called “Machine_Type”, then my template test step could be: “If machine type is <<Machine_Type>>, do X for preparation, otherwise do Y for all other machine types”

If I remember correctly, it was Microsoft’s TFS test tool that contains this feature already.


Dan, my response here refers. In a nutshell, I’m working on it!