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Returning back to Test Suite after updating a test case


When you have a significant number of test suites for example and you scroll down and edit a test case, when you save the test case you are always taken back to the start of the test suites in the browser. This can be extremely annoying if you are making some changes to a lot of tests that are located together in the same suite/subsection and you continually have to keep scrolling down after editing.
It would be great of it remembered where you are.



Hello Irene,

Thanks for your posting. Yes, this will be addressed with the next large feature update of TestRail (4.0) which will remember and restore the original position. You can alternatively open the test or test case page in a new browser tab (usually by opening the test/case with the middle mouse button or with the right-click menu) and then close the tab when no longer need it.