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Retrieve information about updates of test cases


I’d like to know which test cases have been updated recently. Something like the history of test cases.
It would be great to select the timeframe, test suites and test runs and may be even by the status of test runs (eg only test cases which failed in a certain test suite/run in a selected period).

Is there a report available for such kind of information or do I have the opportunity to use testrail API or is this not possible at all at the moment?


Hello Eric,

Thanks for your posting. While there’s currently no dedicated report for this unfortunately, we’ve got this request before and it’s already planned to look into this.

A good workaround is the following: you can find out the last update date for the test cases of a test suite by adding the Updated By/Updated On columns to the test case tables (via the Select Columns icon at the top-right of the tables):

When you then click on the column header, you can easily order your test cases by the Updated On field. The changes for the test cases can then be found on their History tab.