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Results report shows tests that are not in the Test Run?


I’m new to Test Rail reports and what I want to do is report on my test results. I have a Test Plan, inside this are multiple Test Runs (for different devices/browsers etc).

I think I need the ‘Results > Comparison for Cases’ option. My assumption is that a report on one or more Test Runs will only give me the results of the tests in those runs.

However, this report is listing every single test we have, including ones that weren’t included in the Test Runs. Why would it do this? I only care about the tests I actually tested in those runs, why is it including all my tests?

Our test cases have various custom properties, ideally I don’t want to have to painstakingly manually select/filter what cases should be reported on, surely this report type by default should be showing the tests that were in the runs and nothing else?

Apologies if I’m missing the obvious here!