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Results -> Property Distribution


I would like to create report, which will contain all test cases from the recent test plan with test result field which is equal to some value.
I have tried to use Results -> Property Distribution report, but only test case fields are available in the Report Options for filtering:


Hi DKim,

Thanks for your posting. The filter also contains test fields such as Assigned To, Status, Tested By/On etc. It’s just that test result fields (those on the Add Result dialog) are not included because tests can have multiple results over time and hence multiple different values per test.


Report over custom field in test results

OK, I’ll try to be more specific.

Currently our team has the first test pass with TestRail; mostly test cases were imported from the TestLink.
I have created the special Result Filed Test Case Update Required (Checkbox type) to mark the test cases, which needed an update.
Now I would like to see all test cases with selected Test Case Update Required field.

Is there a simple way to do this?
Is it possible to create a custom report for this?


Hi DKim,

Thanks for your reply. Yes, you can use the Cases > Property Distribution report in this case. This would require adding the field on the case level instead and this would be the recommended option anyway as this custom field describes the cases and not a result.

I hope this helps!