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result_dialog.validate no longer called when doing push?


Hi Gurock,
I had a few validations on the add result dialog that I needed to be called before the push (before version 4), and now it seems it’s not called anymore when doing push. Is there a new way to do that ?

By exemple, I want the version field to be set before being able to do push (the custom fields are validated somehow, but not the default fields).



Thanks for your posting! Do you mean the push link for the defect integration or the Add Test Result button on the dialog? I’m asking as the validation still works as expected for the Add Test Result button and the event wasn’t triggered for the push link in earlier versions as well.

Please let me know in case you have any questions and I look forward to your reply.



I meant the push link, but I was sure it was validating in earlier versions…

Anyways… Is there a way I could validate this before the push link, like it is the case with the custom fields ?



Thanks for your reply. The validate event is currently not called for the push link so it’s currently not possible to implement this unfortunately. We are happy to review this again and look into this for a future version and I’ve just added this to our feature request list.

The next version of TestRail (4.2) will add a built-in option to make most system fields required (e.g. Estimate/Version/Defects) and you wouldn’t need any customizations going forward. The 4.2 will be available very soon.

I hope this helps!



Hi Tobias!
That’s good news! Thanks a lot :slight_smile:


You are welcome and great to hear that :slight_smile: