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Restricting users to use a particular status


Hi all,

I have created a custom status “N/A”. This is for the test cases originally baselined to be in scope for testing but subsequently discovered not applicable due to number of reasons.

I wanted just the Lead or Admin (roles) to be able to use this status and restrict others. This is because marking a test case as N/A could have an effect on agreed scope, overall stats, and assignment. Testers might use N/A without the knowledge of the Lead or test manager.

Is it possible to restrict testers from using a particular test status in TestRail?


It didn’t attract a single response from the community.
I guess this is not possible at all :frowning_face:


Permissions are aligned by Role not by individual fields in general. Maybe a UI script might be able to do it but that is a guess for me, as I am not sure what UI things UI scripts can and can’t do.