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Restrict users to add sections


Hi Guys,

I would like to restrict users to add/edit sections.
How is that possible?

However, I want users able to add and edit test cases.



Permissions are defined at the Role level. You need to look at the Role(s) and adjust the permissions to try and get what you want with the permissions available.


But there is one permission for doing two things, add/edit test cases & sections.
Since this permission allow two things, in one permission. How can I manage the permissions to only add/edit test cases, and sections?


You can only deal with the permissions that they allow you to manipulate.

It would be a new feature request unless the permission needed is buried elsewhere but I am 99% sure it is not buried.


Hey Emanuel,

As BGanger stated, this is not a specific permission that you can control within TestRail. Sections and Cases fall under the same permission within TestRail. That being said, we would be happy to look into updating this permission possibly in a future release of TestRail.


I see this feature useful, special if in your organization you have so many QAs/Testers or even outsourcers, and you just want they can create and edit test case and not add/edit existing sections - this is very important for a manager that want control the whole system, without surprises :slight_smile:


Hi Emanuel,

Thanks for your reply! We’re happy to review this (and other granular permissions) for a future version of TestRail, and greatly appreciate your feedback!