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Restrict Default Push/Add Access


Is there a way to restrict user access to the ability to add defects (either via push or add)? We have our first project integrated with On Time, and we were only hoping to have certain users would have access to this functionality.

In looking at the role assignments however, it looks like the only way to restrict this is to not allow access to the test result page (which of course we don’t want).

I am sure we can (and will) come up with an internal team policy for analysts to not utilize this without checking with the QA Management team, but we were hoping we could achieve this within the software.



Thanks for your posting. There are currently no separate permissions for the Add/Push actions and this feature is accessible by all users who have the permissions to add test results. It would be possible to hide the Add/Push links via UI scripts for certain users but this would be quite time-consuming to maintain in case you have many users and/or the list of users changes often: