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Restoring version 5.4 backup into 6.0 installation

Dear all

We need to migarte the server running our installation of TestRail to a new machine.
We currently use version
Will following procedure work?

  • install the newest version on the new server
  • create a backup on the old server
  • transfer the backup to the new server and restore it there

In other words: are the backup formats of version 5.4 and 6 compatible?

Thank you in advance.

Not likely - there are probably DB changes somewhere in the version mix. I would think it would be far better to change the current instance to the newest version of TR and use it for the new server.

I can’t remember if the News posts of the new versions list if there are any db changes, off hand, for each new patch.

Hi enpa,

The type of migration/upgrade you are referring to is possible but it requires a good understanding of your hosting environment. The procedure outline would go something like this.

  • Setup new hosting environment (updated OS, PHP, database)
    for details:
  • Create database dump and restore to newhost
  • Copy attachment and reports directory
  • Copy all testrail installation files
  • Modify the testrail/config.php file on the new host with updated database connection info
  • Copy on top of this the new TestRail installation, replacing all existing files when asked
  • Open TestRail in a browser, if all is well the upgrade wizard will trigger and perform all necessary database changes. Be sure to allow this plenty of time to finish especially if coming from a much older TestRail version and/or a large database.

The following are some good reading to give you a better idea.