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Restoring the backup on cloud


We are using the cloud setup of TestRail for around six months.

We have recently tried the ‘Admin -> Subscription -> Export and Backup -> Schedule Export’ feature of TestRail and it created a backup zip file.

Upon extracting it, we have got SQL backup files.

Can anyone from TestRail team please help how can we restore it as we currently are using cloud setup and we do not have the access to database?



Hi Umair,

The backup you have downloaded is for your own on premise archive. If for any reason you have specific time/date or audit purposes. With TestRail Cloud we take regular backups daily, this process will appear with a message that your instance is in “maintenance mode” if someone were to try an access your TestRail instance during the backup. This process can take seconds to minutes, depending on how large your instance is. These backups are stored for up to a month, depending on storage needs.

If you are needing a restore with TestRail Cloud, please contact us immediately (at with information to which date and time (with timezone) you would like to have restore performed. Keep in mind these are full database backup/restores, as such any additional information added beyond the backup timestamp will be lost.

Thanks vtran for the info, this is really helpful.

In addition, can you please tell me what is the exact frequency at which you perform the backend backup?

We are using TestRail cloud setup and we need to know exactly after how much time you guys take the backup so that we may plan our own test cases backup accordingly. Also if we ask you to restore a certain backup, then exactly how much time will be taken to complete this activity. Also, will restore of backup cover in our existing cloud based license or will we need to pay extra for it?

Waiting for the reply.


Hey Umair,

Thanks for your patience and apologies we haven’t replied sooner.

We take backups daily, but we can’t give a specific time frame for when any individual account would start, as it may fluctuate depending on several factors. When we perform the backup your system will go into maintenance mode, allowing us to check your version and perform any necessary updates, then take a full backup of the instance. In most cases, the maintenance mode will only last less than five minutes, but can run longer for particularly large or complex installations. One thing to note, one of the TestRail Enterprise features currently is the ability to specify a daily window for when your backup is generated, allowing you to control when the backups are taken to prevent maintenance windows during your work hours and know what content daily would be included in the backup we generate.

In terms of time, we do our best to address all support requests within 24 hours, and restore requests are given priority, resulting in the restore occurring as quickly as possible. It should be noted that performing a restore includes all content in the database, so any data that was added after the last backup will be lost upon completion of the restore. For this reason, we do our best to get restores done as quickly as possible to make sure your team is back up and running with all due haste. There is no added cost for having us perform a restore for you.

Hope that addresses your questions. If there is anything else you’d like to know I’d recommend reaching out to the support team at and we’ll be happy to help further.

I use the cloud to cloud backups quite a lot. For my G Suite, I use as the main option because of its user-friendly interface. With their help, I can do a 100% accurate recovery using the same folders hierarchy and much more. I think that you need to take a look at it.