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Resizing or hiding the sidebar


Many of our users complain about the the side (where you can see the section tree for example).
they complain that it uses to much space, especially in the new 3 pan view.

the yould prefer to minimize or even hide the bar, and making the 3 pan view a 2 pan view :smile:

Is there a way to minimize the sidebar to smaller width than currently ?


Dear spacefrog,

You can try the ui script below:

name: Hide pass & next
description: Hide the pass & next button, 1.1 hide start timer too, 1.2 hide sidebar
author: Alston
version: 1.2
includes: ^runs/view

display: none;

a#startTimer {
} {

div#sidebar {



Hi Alston,

thanx for that - working great.
Do you see a way (like a new “custom button”) so that each user can decide whether he wants to see the sidebar or not (rather than switching it off for all users).

…I know…demanding a lot…feeling guilty


Hello Cyrus,

Thanks for your posting! Hiding the sidebar is currently not available as a built-in feature. It would be possible to implement this via a UI script and we are also happy to look into this for a future version.



Would also like to have that feature because of the new 3 span view.


Thanks, Daniel, added to the list :smile: