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Reset the value for a field (set all field to 'not automated')


We have recently scrapped our automation framework and need to review all our test cases that are marked ‘automated’. I want to reset all the test cases to ‘not automated’ and change them as we verify them.

How can I reset all test cases to have the value for this field to ‘Not Automated’?

Hi Stan,

Thanks for the post! When viewing your test cases in your project, you can apply a filter to these test cases to identify those with a specific field value, such as Automation Type.

With this filter applied, you can then select all of the test cases and click the ‘Edit’ button to apply a change to all of these selected, or all of the filtered test cases at the same time.

Please keep in mind that these changes will also affect any open test runs or plans using these cases.

Hope this helps,