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Reset password link issue

I’m having issue with resetting users password. After clicking on the link received by email, it redirects me to the Testrail login page without any option to put a new password. Could you help me please? Thanks.



Welcome to the TestRail Community and thanks for your post.

I just tried the reset password scenario myself and was able to navigate to Reset Password screen (by clicking on the link provided in the email).

Could you please try it again (maybe in an incognito mode) or if you’re still experiencing this issue, I would recommend you to send us an email to so that it can be investigated further.


Hi Shanu,
Thank you for your quick reply. I tried in incognito mode but still facing the same issue. I have noticed that the Testrail version that you are using is v6.7.0. The version that I have is older (v6.1.0) and it is on premise not on the cloud. Could you please send me the link to download the v6.7.0 on premise? Maybe the problem will disappear by upgrading my Testrail. Thanks.

You or your Test Rail admin needs to log into their Gurock account and download the update and apply it.