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Rerun test plan with multiple test runs having selected statuses is not working



I have a test plan which consists of several testruns and configurations. And the test cases in these runs have different status. When I try ‘rerun’ for specific statuses, with my understanding the new test plan should display only the testruns and test cases with selected status. Is that right? If yes, it is not happening for me. I get all the test cases from the previous test plan into my new test plan. Except one test case.



Hi Roop!

Thanks for your posting. It’s correct that TestRail would only include those cases in the selection that match the selected status. That said, TestRail includes a test case if it matches in at least one of your configurations and this would explain the behavior you see. We do this because you would usually want to retest a case with all configurations if it failed for one configuration. For example, if a test failed with one browser, it’s usually a good idea to fix the behavior and test it against all browsers again.

I hope this helps!