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Rerun test + newly added cases


I sometimes come across this situation:
I draft test cases for a feature and do the 1st run of testing.
Then, the specs for the feature change a bit and I have to add some more test cases for the feature.
When I want to rerun the test, with the addition of the new cases that I added, I find myself with a problem.
I seem to only be able to add the new test cases into the run by manually marking them.
If I use the filter to select cases that have been recently changed (or added), the filter marks only them and unmarks all the other tests I have for this test run.
Is there anything I’m missing that can help me in this situation?



Hi Bushaaya,

Thanks for your post! When adding new test cases to the selection filter, you would need to be sure to select the “Add to selection” option from the selection dropdown arrow (to the right of the ‘Set Selection’ button). This would add whatever filter you have selected to the previously selected test cases, as opposed to setting the selection to just your new filter. Hope this helps!