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Rerun shows error if a Test Plan entry has no test cases


I run a test plan and some tests are recorded as failed or blocked.
I click “Rerun” and deselect “Passed”.
There are now some test suites with no test cases because all the test cases for that suite passed on the previous run.
I click “Add Test Plan” and get an error: “One or more suites have errors, please see below for more information.” and “Please select at least one test case.”

It took a me a while to understand why I was getting the error. This shouldn’t happen. The workflow I followed seems reasonable, i.e. I want to retest the elements that haven’t been successfully tested.

The only thing I can see to do is to manually delete each test plan entry (test suite) that has zero test cases. This is irksome on a large test run and prone to error.


Hello Brian,

Thanks for your posting and your feedback on this. Yes, I understand that this may be a bit confusing. It’s still better to keep those test plan entries included on the form than removing them silently I believe. Maybe we should handle this scenario special as opposed to displaying a simple error message and/or make this more obvious. What do you think?



I suggest keeping the test plan entries in the run but allowing zero tests within an entry. I guess the check for zero entries is to ensure a run isn’t empty, in which case the check should be for the whole run, not each individual entry / suite.

I also see that one may wish to have a different workflow, having just the one test run and revisiting the same run with updates until all tests pass, instead of creating a new run based on the failures (although the facility is there hence the temptation to use it). I currently find this awkward for the tester, navigating the outstanding, failed tests.


Thanks for your feedback, that’s appreciated. We will look into this for a future version and I agree that it could make sense to allow empty test runs.