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Rerun of TestRun extend with Test cases Priority


in our team we are using the “Rerun” functionality quit often.
We would like to extend this functionality to add all test cases with the Priority “Critical” (For that TestRun)

Our process is follows that after each test we define test cases which should be execute for a Smoke Test or general regression tests.

With the extension our tester could easly create a new testrun based on the old one wihtout select the critical test cases extra into the testrun

Is there any way to customize the “Rerun” functionality


Hi Dennis,

While the Rerun function only lets you quickly select tests based on test result. There is an easy way to add the test cases that are labelled as critical.

Create your Rerun as usual, then on the run configuration page click “change selection” at the bottom. This will provide a popup where you can apply a filter for the desired test cases on the right. For example, under priority select “Critical”. Then at the bottom instead of selecting Set Selection, use the small dropdown arrow to select Add To Selection.


Hi Vtran,

this is exaclty how we are updating our testruns at the moment.
Our problem is that sometimes our initial test has Critical test cases from another subsections or multiple subsections.
In the reun they missing, because mostly our testers are justing overtaking the critical test cases from the subsection of the module which is in scope of testing.


Hi @dns,

There wouldn’t be a way to automatically pre-select the Critical tests in a re-run. The method Vu outlined above of updating the selected cases would be the easiest way to include those tests in the newly created run while using the UI.

For now, I’m adding a request internally to have the devs evaluate including additional filtering options beyond the existing status selections. I wouldn’t be able to provide any estimate on when or if that will be added into TestRail, but we will explore these options in future updates.