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Rerun of a test plan created with filters should apply filters again


Currently I have a test plan that is composed from multiple feature suites e.g Purchase , Login. When creating the test plan I had applied a filter on the test case priority of each test case of priority 1 and 2. So the test plan is now composed of all purchase and login tests with a priority of 1 and 2.

When using the rerun ability it will rerun the plan with all the same cases. However I would like it to rerun and apply the filters that were originally applied. Checking for changes of priority and adding or removing tests as necessary. Is this possible?



Thanks for your posting. TestRail restores the full case selection as you’ve seen (along with all other run properties) but the filters you used for the case selection are currently not saved with the test runs. I can see how this would be useful to have and it might also be great to use the filters as a live-filter when adding new test cases to the case repository, for example. We will make sure to look into this for a future version, thanks again for the suggestion.



We too would love to have a feature like this. Probably our biggest time sink in test coordination is having to re-apply all of our filters to pick up the latest changes to test cases when creating plans.

Alternatively, if there were just a way to save filter configurations that could be applied when selecting cases for runs, that would work for us, too.


Thanks for your feedback, Logan! It’s still planned to look into this and we will make sure to review this again for one of the next versions now that the 5.0 is out.