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Rerun existing test run



I use the re-run function to generate new test run from existing test run. I notice the new test run doesn’t keep the ‘Assigned To’ person name. It causes me to re-assign all the tasks again every time I generate new test run in new QA build.

Is there any function when I rerun test run but can keep the assigned to name?

Please help!


Hello @hwimei,

Thanks for your posting! Yes, you can use the Rerun button and this will start a new test run based on the previous configuration and also lets you define the case selection based on previous results. The rerun does also take into account the previous assignee but only if you chose it during the original test run creation and not the manual assignments on the run page.



Hi Tobias,

I have another query related to rerun function.

I usually compile a full list of regression test cases in a test run so that I will know in total how many test cases we need to execute. When I request new QA build for testing, I have to close the current test run and keep on tested test cases (this test run has both tested and untested test cases), then use rerun function to move untested test cases to new test run.
This is a policy so that we are able to know the test we have done in QA build number (my manager doesn’t want the build version to be updated under build version when we pass test case).

With this approach, I have a difficulty to close current test run with all tested test cases (passed, failed, blocked). I have to manually exclude untested test cases so that the test run I close does not have untested items. It helps for reporting.

Is there any way I can quickly exclude untested test cases so that every test run I close consists of all reviewed test cases?

Great thanks


Hi @hwimei,

Thanks for your reply. There’s currently no built-in feature to do this directly but there are few features that help with that. I would recommend using two browser tabs for this, one with the regular view-run page and a filter that shows only untested tests and another tab with the edit page and the Select Cases dialog. The first tab would show the list of untested tests and you can use this list to deselect all unwanted cases on the Select Cases on the second tab.



Thanks for your reply Tobias. Hopefully we can this built-in feature in future :slight_smile:


Yep, happy to add another vote to this feature request and thanks again for your feedback!