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Rerun Button - Enhancement?


Create a Test Tun
Add a Test Result to all of the Tests (Some passed, Failed etc)
Sort the Test Run Tests by status
All the Failed test cases are grouped
I select all the Failed Tests I click the Rerun button to create a new Test Run with the all the selected (Failed) Tests.
Instead it duplicates the whole Test Run instead of using the ones i selected. Can i do this another way or is it an enhancement request?

I do understand you can select the Cases Tab when adding a Test Run, but it doesn’t have a Test Result filter.




Hello Paul,

Thanks for your posting. The Rerun button allows you to start a test run with the same settings/selected test cases as a previous run you’ve executed. It doesn’t consider the tests that you’ve checked/selected on the test run page. However, a new test case selection filter for test runs is planned and we are also looking into ways to select tests with a specific status of another test run.